FBR Launches Offline App For Tax Filing In Pakistan


Filing for taxes is always a hectic task especially if you live in Pakistan, therefore in order to make lives of the citizens easier the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched an application to enable taxpayers to prepare income tax return and wealth statement without using the internet.

The app is a welcome move as the new government is planning to introduce more facilitation with strict measures to penalize non-compliant taxpayers. The application is to help taxpayers to fill out returns in offline mode.  The app has prepared by the Information Technology Wing of the FBR and is called Iris-ADX (Asynchronous Data Exchange).

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With the Iris-ADX the taxpayer/e-intermediary can prepare their statements in offline mode and upload them to the FBR’s repository seamlessly.

According to the sources, last year FBR had received 1.6 million income tax returns. This time around the board is expecting to enhance this figure to 2m in the current fiscal year. Furthermore, the deadlines for filing tax return and statements have been extended to 30thSeptember 2018.