She Matters: Fatima Group Honours Working Women Force In Lahore

Fatima Group is one of the most progressive business conglomerates in Pakistan, with a strong portfolio of products and services. Fatima Group on the 20th of March organized its very own ‘Women Enabling Platform’ following the theme of “Be Bold for Change.”

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With their very own unique hash tag #SheMatters, they hope to create a community of likeminded people who can be a source of inspiration for others, share their stories and achievements also inform the people about the challenges they faced in their community.

Fatima Asad Said, Abacus Consulting who was present at the conference, said:

“It is great to be here at such an event which is creating awareness and providing recognition for women in the work force but also allowing colleagues both men and women to be comfortable with each other, to respect and provide that dignity that is required as we work together over a respective goal in the organization.”