FAST-NU’s Legacy Event: Procom.Net 2017

Bringing together the right blend of computer science, electrical and electronics engineering, business studies arts & literature in to the industry, Procom is FAST-NU’s signature event, held annually as one of the largest educational competitions in Pakistan.

This competition enforces the commitment of FAST-NUCES for the development of Information Technology and Engineering Science related fields in Pakistan. PC World and IDG Pakistan are proud to announce their association with the event as Knowledge Partners for the biggest competition of the season this month happening on the 12th and 13th of April 2017.

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Speaking to IDG, Imran, President 2017 said:

“PROCOM is not merely an event; it’s a legacy. It manages to do what no other event does; by uniting the academia with the corporate world through the Job Fair while at the same time providing them the ladder that will ascertain their rise. FAST-NUCES plays an instrumental role in setting the bar higher each year by holding such a grand event, which includes over 19 competitions from diverse fields. I’m thankful to IDG for allowing me the opportunity to merge the dimensions.”

The two-day event is to consist of 19 events across the Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering and many more disciplines.

Speakers for the event are to include: Dr. Waqar Saleem, from Habib University; Mr. Rayed Afzal, a Pakistani educational psychologist; and Mr. Mashood Rastgar, Tech Lead at Recurship.

Venture Dive, Systems Ltd., Wavetec, Contour Software, Paxi, Techlogix, Time Xperts, Zong, Blink Ex and CEE Solutions back the event.

Image source: Procom