Facebook to Provide Internet Access to 15 million Pakistanis Across 8 Locations

In a meeting with Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, last year, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan encouraged the digital giant to invest in the country.

The first-of-its-kind, landmark investment of a social media behemoth in Pakistan is nothing short of historic, with the potential to have a “monumental” impact on Pakistan’s digital environment. It has the potential to pave the way for a vast and unprecedented “digital change of epic proportions” in Pakistan by providing the public with an internet experience that surpasses international standards.

According to Gulf News, Facebook has teamed with Pakistani telecom operator Nayatel to provide inexpensive, high-speed, and reliable Internet access to an estimated 10 to 15 million Pakistanis in eight major cities via a 1650 km-long fibre network infrastructure.

“By 2022, this high-speed fibre will connect hundreds of sites, increasing capacity and geographical reach of internet connectivity for millions of people,” Nayatel stated.

Nayatel’s new fibre networks will serve as the backbone infrastructure for 4G/5G mobile and fixed internet, a crucial engine of economic growth and job creation, as well as providing millions of people with access to the information superhighway.

Facebook is assisting local operators in leveraging fibre infrastructure to enhance access to affordable broadband in Pakistan by investing in and supporting the construction of fibre networks. According to Tom Varghese, Facebook’s head of connectivity and access policy (Asia Pacific), the agreement is part of Facebook’s commitment to deliver fast and dependable internet connectivity to people around the world, including in Pakistan.

“According to a senior expert, this agreement will help the government realise its vision of a digital Pakistan by enhancing productivity for small and medium companies, creating new job prospects, and providing online learning chances for the youth. “The relationship shows that a big global brand like Facebook believes in Pakistan’s technological and entrepreneurial potential.”