Facebook F8 Meetup Lahore ~ Register now!

F8 Meetup Lahore 2017 – co-hosted by PlanX

F8, Facebook for Developers conference is back with a bang this year and the event is bigger than ever. The 2 day annual event is taking place in San Jose, California on 18th and 19th of April 2017.

This is an opportunity for developers and businesses to come together to explore the future of technology and learn how Facebook connects the world through its new products and innovation. In order to reach out to more developers around the world, F8 Meetup is being held in 45 tech savvy cities.

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PlanX,  a project of the Punjab IT Board, has partnered with Facebook to co-host the F8 Meetup in Lahore for the second year in a row. The F8 Meetup Lahore will take place on 19th April 2017 at Arfa Software Technology Park.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for local developers community, start-ups and marketers to get together and explore new tools, features, possibilities and the future of technological advances, introduced by Facebook. Join in for streaming of the F8 opening keynote, followed by a session on ‘Nurturing the Next Generation of Developers’.

To register, click on this link! For more information, take a look at the blog on the F8 Meetup.