Export Leftovers Mobile App Hits 1mn Downloads

Elo, a popular online fashion store, has reached the million download milestone. With smart social media marketing and influencers praising the App, elo has been exploding up recently. Fashion inspiration used to come from overseas catwalks and fashion weeks, and it took months for the fashions to become available in Pakistan (if they were available at all). And all of this at exorbitant costs!

Fashion – But Make It Sustainable

elo changed that by making the leftovers of true global brands available to everyone. That’s on top of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. In reality, elo x Polo Republica will have prevented the waste of over 4.4 million metres of cloth in 2020 alone! Elo predicted the rise of affordable, environmentally friendly clothes and made us all fall in love with the brand.

Add in weekly bargains, 30 Day Happiness Guaranteed, Covid-19 Essentials, and a slew of other intriguing options. It’s unsurprising that the app is still gaining traction.

With over one million downloads in just three years, Elo’s rise has been nothing short of incredible. According to the elo Team, the app will have 5 million downloads by December 2022.

Source: Business Recorder