Event Junk-IT: PlanX Brings FinTech Conference


Lahore, Pakistan: PlanX Technology Accelerator, a project of Punjab Information Technology Board is hosting a Fintech Conference on 21st September 2017 that would highlight the challenges faced by Fintech startups within Pakistan and moreover it would propose solutions that are applicable within for entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan.

The one day event will comprise of a Fintech Startup Pitches, Speaker Talks and a Panel Discussion. The conference would be a great opportunity for students and aspiring entrepreneurs to participate and experience what it likes to be a Fintech entrepreneur, a sector where the global investment currently stands at a staggering $49.7 billion and today more Fintechs are graduating from the ranks of a start-up to multi-billion dollar listed companies. According to estimates more than a dozen of Fintech companies are valued at over US$1 billion.

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Furthermore, FinTech companies have received a total of $25.8 billion in funding to date with each company receiving an average of $44 million and as per 2016, there are a total of 1362 registered Fintech companies in 54 countries around the globe with countries like USA, UK, China and India leading the Fintech race and the developing economies like Pakistan where 85% of the population lacks access to formal financial services, financial services using technology (Fintech) would prove to be extremely useful as it offers a promising potential to overcome financial problems at both large and small scale as they provide an ease of access to users and as a matter of fact, people in Pakistan can be easily inclined towards technology as there are more mobile phones (69%) as compared to bank accounts (15%) and with 132 million biometrically verified sims, Fintech services can be provided with complete security.

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These statistics depict the enormous potential of Fintech. With Pakistan being almost an untapped Fintech market thus this potential can be cashed in by the financial and tech companies. For this very purpose, PlanX has taken this initiative of organizing the Fintech Conference where the opening note shall be given by Nadeem Hussain, Founder and Coach at Planet N Group of Companies that focuses on financial Inclusion and facilitation of entrepreneurship in Pakistan through technology.

The opening note shall be followed by a series of other activities which includes a talk by Omar Moeen Malik, Head of Digital Payments at Telenor Microfinance Bank Limited. The conference shall also include a panel discussion that would discuss on the challenges and solutions for Fintech in Pakistan and how the whole sector can act as a catalyst to take entrepreneurship to a totally new level in Pakistan. Closing note for the conference will be delivered by Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman of the Punjab IT Board.

Sign up to attend! Please register on the given link: http://bit.ly/2vLFQ1D
Image source: PlanX