Mapping 70K Polling Stations to Google Maps: Election Commission Pakistan

Elections are a sensitive matter, especially in Pakistan or developing nations generally, as even today many people fail to find their respective polling stations to exercise their right and cast their vote.

In an attempt to tackle this problem, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to link 70,000 Polling Stations to Google Maps. The Chief Election Commissioner, Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza, announced this in a meeting that was recently held in Islamabad.

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The meeting also decided to ensure the provision of all basic facilities in the polling stations, as it was observed in the meeting that 758 schools in Punjab and 700 schools in Sindh lacked the advanced system.

You can also check the parking availability for the polling stations. This feature is divided into Easy, Medium or Limited parking categories that emphasize the difficulty of finding a parking spot in a particular region. The feature will become more accurate as soon as Google will add its existing user tracking features to Maps. Google has recently updated their free map services to android users in Pakistan without internet.