IOTA Pakistan Launches Car Maintenance Device Called Drivitix

IOTA Pakistan have launched a product for their automobile maintenance device that uses data and behavioral analytics such as driver behavior, trip analysis, optimized fuel consumption, maintenance, machine learning and AI protocol

Internet of Things and Automation (IOTA) Pakistan is a SaaS-based company which emphasizes on digitalization and revolutionizing the use of IoT products in the country. IOTA Pakistan has a diverse customer base from from general public (B2C) to industries (B2B). One of their goals is to promote automobile, energy, healthcare, and industrial manufacturing through IoT. IOTA Pakistan is currently developing and are about to launch its first product in the automobile sector, known as Drivitix. 

Drivitx uses the OBD-II ports of vehicles that allow the device to gather all the user-specific information. It maintains user analytics such as driver behavior, trip analysis, optimized fuel consumption, and maintenance and machine learning and AI protocol used in Drivitix provides analytical recommendations to the user. The product focuses on car maintenance in live-tracking, security, maintenance, and diagnostics of vehicles alongside behavior analytics and highlights progress through analytical statistics

The features of the app include firstly adding a vehicle in the application to track and launch maintenance protocols. It provides predictive and preventive alerts to the user via the mobile application. The Driver Behavior Analysis monitors the acceleration and deceleration instances of the driver and reports sharp turns, over-speeding, and fatigued driving which can be improved by proper education.

Post behavioral analysis, the app highlights the Mileage and Fuel Consumption Analysis which provides an analysis of fuel consumption to plan a car’s monthly fuel and maintenance cost on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly mileage. Other features include registered vehicle details, detection of endurance system, idle system, cooling system, emission system. Other real-time status includes status of battery health, engine speed, airflow, temperature, etc.

Finally, Drivitix also stores a trip list that contains logs of all the recorded trips which are shown from the registration of the vehicle on the application. Interested users can download the app from both Google Play Store and iOS App Store through the following links: AndroidiOS.