Dr. Umar Saif; another Pakistani among world’s most influential Muslims

Along with Imran khan who is ranked on 29th and Moulana Tariq Jameel ranked 23rd Umar saif has been listed among top 500 inluencial muslims all over the world for his tireless work in science and technology.

Umar saif is a Pakistani born computer Scientists and academic. In the University of Information Technology, he served as vice-chancellor from January 2013 till November 2018 while also worked for Board of Punjab information Technolgy from November 2011 to November 2018.

Among top 500 influential Muslims Umar saif name has been included along with Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran khan, and Maulana Tariq Jameel. Umar saif is also an award-winning scientist who brought many innovative ideas. He was the founder of Information Technology university based in Punjab. The university shares the same model as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2011 Umar saif was also included in Technology Review’s World’s Top Young Innovators being awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his work.

He has given Pakistan a moment to be proud as he is well known in the area of science and technology. He has also served as the chairman of Pakistan Information Technology Board where he is known for all his tireless work and technological studies.

PM Imran Khan is ranked on 29th. Initially, people were influenced by his cricket career but gradually his political aspects have given a boost to him increasing fans all over the world. He has marked the number of policies to cut government expenditure while hoping to pay off the foreigner loans that Pakistan is in debt. He established Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital in memory of his mother that is also known as the very first cancer hospital in Pakistan. Being a current prime minister of Pakistan he represents versatility and considered as a legend in cricket. Being in cricket for 22 years he has shown the virtue of leaders in many aspects.

Maulana Tariq Jameel is ranked on 23rd influential Muslims all over the world. He is famous for his Islamic lectures and seminars as he has liberal Islamic point of views while he educates Muslims and young generation considering today’s time and society. He is known all over the world for his social teachings as he believes to maintain just society and eliminate violence. He has more than two million youtube followers. although he represents Deobandi sect but supports all sectarian groups and guide them away from the path that goes astray.