Digital Pakistan introduces new application to aid authorities and travellers arriving in Pakistan

Digital Pakistan has launched a new application in collaboration, that aids travellers with registration amidst the pandemic, and allows authorities to watch out for new passengers not adhering to SOPs and guidelines.

Digital Pakistan has collaborated with VisionX and National Information Technology Board (NITB) to develop an android application called PakPass to aid international travelers arriving in Pakistan in following the mandatory safety guidelines and protocols.

Through this application, travelers can register with Pakistani authorities before landing in Pakistan. This way, they not only forego COVID-19 related registration upon arrival but are also able to enter updates on their quarantine period.

Through this application, authorities can also keep a track of whether the individual is following the mandatory quarantine protocols or not.

PakPass will not be available to the general public, rather, is at the disposal of the Civil Aviation Authority. The CAA has been instructed to introduce the application to all passengers at the time of the booking of tickets. The application APK can be received by users via email.

According to RS news, the download and usage of the application have been made mandatory by the Pakistani government for all passengers entering the country. Specific guidelines for the usage of the application have also been issued to airline management and the CAA’s Department of Air Transport.

It is the airline management’s responsibility to print the link of the mobile app on the boarding pass, and attendants will be cross-checking the passport number entered on the mobile app with the passport.

Source: ProPakistani, RS news

Author: Wardah Javaid