Digital Pakistan Announce Logo Design Competition Of Campaign

Digitalization is define as an active effort to revolutionize, redefine the way individuals live, interact, transact and develop overall around the world. The efforts of digitization is to have a significant impact on the way people and to have its impact to grow at an exponential pace. Businesses, companies and institutions have never been so dependent on the use of technology, and hence, have gone through the process of digitization.

Pakistan has also gone through the process of digitization with the launch of the Digital Pakistan movement. Digital Pakistan aims to ensure experienced growth and productivity in the economies of the country and stimulate the growth of the businesses as well by leading to more jobs, higher levels of innovation, and better quality of life. One of the major aims of Digital Pakistan is to propel forward the agenda for digital policy formulation and implementation in the country, in collaboration with key stakeholders of the digital ecosystem. The movement is spearheaded by Tania Aidrus, an ex-Google executive, who has been put in charge of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative to herald a technologically driven environment for the tech savvy youth of Pakistan.

Digital Pakistan have also gone out of their way to involve more people of the country in this movement by submitting an online open invitation to design the logo of the Digital Pakistan campaign. Interested users need to firstly, design the logo of the #DigitalPakistan campaign and they are asked to send their designs to  Users need to submit their design at the subject titled “DP Logo Contest” and they need to submit their entries before 23rd of March 2020. The contest with the best design can win upto PKR 100,000 as a reward for the submission alongside the honor of being the designer which they can add to their CV.