DHA Suffa Hosts Innovation Competition SPECTRUM 2017


SPECTRUM’17 is a competition being held at DHA Suffa University on the 7th and 8thof March 2017. This competition starts at 10 00am and will come to an end at 5:00pm. This competition aims to enhance students’ ever increasing creativity to come up with new innovations. It aims to boost teamwork and mutual cooperation and understanding between teammates, create confidence amongst its participants and to construct a connection between academic learning and its industrial applications.

Someof the competitions taking place during SPECTRUM’17 are: Speed Jam: this involves solving coding problems based on algorithms and logic. This will have two rounds, the first for an hour and the other for two hours.The computer science quiz if for those who wish to test their grasp of computer science fundamentals. Again there are two rounds. In the first the participants have to answer 100 MCQ’s and in the other they have to answer 10 questions in 20 seconds.

Various other competitions for similar format include logic hunt competition, poster design, chess competition and speed debugging. Participants and their teams have to pay a fee to enter the competition and the winning team is awarded cash as reward.