DG Khan Cement Goes Green With Oracle ERP Cloud


The environment is becoming a growing concern for each and every country out there, and in order to control the climate change about 200 countries recently signed a treaty that will ensure a much cleaner and greener Earth.

Focusing on greenhouse gases for heavy industries may seem like a huge task, especially for a sector such as construction. DG Khan Cement is the leading cement manufacturers in the country based out of Lahore; they replaced an older planning system in 2015 with a cloud-based one that is helping it meet stringent environmental goals, such as reducing its dependence on furnace oil for fuel and shifting toward alternate fuels.

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This was all possible for them due to the adoption of Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud. Not only due to the Cloud they have managed to become more environmental friendly but have also minimized costs by eliminating the need for investments in new hardware, warranties, and software licensing. In general, DGK sees cloud ERP adoption as a key enabler of greater sustainability thanks to industry-specific logistical planning and supply chain capabilities.

According to Assistant General Manager at DG Khan Aslam Khan, Customers also benefit from this shift as it is easier and timelier to access information about their shipments. Oracle ERP Cloud not only enables better production planning, it can increase on-time deliveries of customer orders. With improved online shipping information and instant inventory access, DGK has effectively stepped into the era of the modern supply chain. Cloud-based ERP is a means for bringing together all the moving parts of its manufacturing process in a way.

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The company has met all regulatory requirements at its plants in Kalar Kahar, District Chakwal, and Dera Ghazi Khan with state-of-the-art electrostatic precipitors and waste heat recovery units, which are also being used in a new facility near Karachi. DG Khan Cement’s green project was also covered by Forbes and you can read more about their coverage here.