DealSmash CEO Joins Halma’s Advisory Board’s Digital Crowd


The CEO of DealSmash, Ali Hasnain, was invited to participate in Halma’s Digital Advisory Board (DAB) workshop that was hosted by Halma’s Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, Dr. Inken Braunschmidt, along with the company’s Executive Board, at their head office in Amersham, UK.

At the workshop, Hasnain was recognized for his nearly two decades of experience in the technology sector, as well as his deep-rooted understanding of Analytics and AI. Hasnain was asked to join a number of external experts on Halma’s “Digital Crowd,” where he will advise the DAB on how to leverage upcoming digital trends to enhance HALMA’s digital portfolio.

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The Digital Advisory Board was formed to help implement the company’s current plans of identifying means to capitalize on future growth opportunities in the digital sector.

Halma is a UK-based, billion-dollar company (FTSE 100) that develops products to secure and protect the elements critical to healthy lives. They are a global conglomerate of 40+ companies and operate in four main sectors: process safety, infrastructure safety, medical, and environmental and analysis.

Of the occasion, Ali Hasnain said, “Getting to partner with professionals of HALMA’s caliber is truly a blessing, and it speaks to DealSmash’s larger vision. I am truly humbled by the compliment and cannot wait to see what we can achieve together.”