Dasani Recognizes Science Fuse As An Unsung Hero


Earlier in December 2018, Dasani, the bottled water brand of The Coca-Cola Company announced the launch of Dasani and You, a multi-dimensional campaign to support individuals or groups of like-minded individuals, who are relatively unknown by the public but have devoted their lives for the welfare of others.

Recently, Dasani has announced Science Fuse as their Unsung Hero in their recent campaign. Science Fuse was previously part of the cohort at the accelerator Invest2Innovate, is a social enterprise that works to promote science education among young learners. In Karachi alone, they have hosted several events at The Second Floor and British Council Library.

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The goal of Science Fuse is to make science research an equally viable choice for youngsters to pursue in leisure time as is perhaps indulging in sports, music and arts. The enterprise offers young students a unique opportunity to learn science by ‘doing’ at their summer camps, through extracurricular science workshops and after-school science clubs.

The overall mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, to engage the wider public with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) as part of popular culture, and to strengthen connection between researchers and the public.