Coca-Cola Brings the Dasani Discovery Challenge to Pakistan


Litter on streets, beaches and in the oceans has always been a grave matter but over the years it has become a pressing concern. As approximately 44 countries have no formal waste management systems in place, and about 59 countries lack proper recycling infrastructure.

Coca-Cola has taken up the responsibility to help solve it and in January they announced their goal of World Without Waste, to help bring back a bottle or can for every one they sell by 2030.

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Therefore, Dasani  a brand of bottled water from the Coca-Cola, in partnership with The Nest I/O, is organizing the Dasani Discovery Challenge that seeks participants to share and submit cost-effective ideas within the domain of plastic waste management, i.e. collection, sorting of waste and recycling.

Dasani is all set to achieve Coca-Cola’s ‘Pakistan Without Waste’ vision and has set the following goals with their Dasani Discovery Challenge: Make recycling more accessible to achieve 100% collection and recycling by 2030; Help people understand what, how, and where to recycle; Continue to focus on making our packaging 100% recyclable; and use more recycled content materials in our packaging.

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At the challenge, participants will be to showcase their innovative ideas that highlight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) collection models and awareness creation strategies, PET sorting model; to sort Coca-Cola PET bottles out of the general plastic waste (shopping bags, wrappers, labels, food packaging etc) and PET recycling models for effective and efficient recycling of Coca-Cola PET packaged products. The top three ideas will win prize money of Rs. 500,000 Rs. 300,000 and Rs. 200,000.

The challenge is now accepting applications and one easily access entry form and email it to with email subject: ‘THE DASANI DISCOVERY CHALLENGE – ENTRY’. Visit the Coca-Cola website for Dasani Challenge Pakistan here.

Image source: Dasani / Coca Cola