Pakistani Social Media Automation Product Content Studio Wins Product Hunt

ContentStudio is a Pakistani based social media automation product based internationally that has gained global traction and have topped Product Hunt

ContentStudio is a bigdata product powered by AI and machine learning algorithms. Its content discovery tool is a differentiation factor from other automation tools that only offer publishing options. The discovery tool enables users to browse through trending content related to any topic and develop engaging digital content around it. Content Studio is one of the most promising social media automation product in the country. As a way to reward the startup with the success of the company, they have been awarded as the top Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

The application was co-founded by Waqar Azeem. The startup is currently headquartered out of Pakistan and has 15 employees. They have recently opened a new office in Stockholm, Sweden after going through the award-winning Swedish incubation program called Sting – Stockholm Innovation and Growth. Content Studio has connected around 110,000+ social accounts and have published over 6 million posts. According to Waqar Azeem, in an interview with Techjuice: “The tool helps businesses put their social media channels on auto-pilot offering content discovery, planning, publishing, analytics, and analytics under one-roof makes it a one-stop solution for content marketers and social media teams”.The website offer features as Content Discovery and Insights with a Multi-Channel Composer, as well as a Planner and Calendar to keep track of performance as well.

The startup was made on the need for social media management tools for small agencies and startups in Pakistan where marketing tools were an expensive option for users without the liberty of a convenient digital presence. The startup gained a traction as a result of a promotional activity, receiving good publicity with over 10,000 potential customers. The activity allowed users to get an idea of what they have to offer and allowed them to validate the product and the team hence decided to integrate new features. The product currently has 30,000 users across the world that includes marketers, digital agencies, and startups especially in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden and India. With worldwide recognition, ContentStudio is now in direct competition with Buzzsomo, Buffer, SproutSocial and Hootsuite and other popular social media automation companies.

Sting also took part in the National Incubation Centre in Islamabad. They highlighted the difference between the incubation program of NIC and the one is Sweden and stated that the latter focused more on the skills needed to make money while NIC focused on targets and focus on attendance in events and workshops. In conclusion, Waqar advised budding entrepreneurs who would want to get into the tech sector to use Product Hunt and use it in a way get promotion, get feedback and validate their products.