Commodore 64 to Make A Comeback

Commodore 64 is coming in 2018 

For the generation growing up in the 1980s, the Commodore 64 holds a special place in heart due to the gaming experience and ability to become instantly addictive. After the overall evolution of what is the now the power horse of the gaming consoles- Xbox and PlayStation- the Commondore eventually faded to black. However, after 35 years of the release of the Commondore 64, it is about to be re-launched into its very own licensed version!

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The C64 is essentially a beta version of its predecessor, which provides around half the horsepower that the Commodore would. However, it does add on to it by offering HD Output at around 720p with HDMI as well as Pixel Perfect Graphics at 4:3 ratios. The hardware gets upgraded by adding in 2 USB ports for both the keyboard and the joystick while the software can offer the user to save their gameplay and offers multiple updates. It console adds in nostalgia to the mix by providing the old-beloved games of the console alongside its pack which includes Hawkeye and Uridium.

Retro Games and Koch Media have decided to pay homage to the old console by crafting this hidden gem. The console is supposed to be available by 2018 and will likely be around the price of $70. As undoubtedly the highest selling console of the 1980s, sales are expected to be high and will attract users well in their 30s as well.