Indus Hospital Takes Clinic On Wheels To Badin


The Primary Care Program of Global Health Directorate has launched their first ever contained clinic in Badin near Khorwah Chowk. The clinic was inaugurated by Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, CEO Indus Health Network.

The aim of the container clinic is to endow quality health facilities to the downward trampled people of Badin region and to change the model of the provision of quality healthcare across Pakistan.

According to Dr. Abdul Bari Khan this clinic unit is to provide its medical services to more than two hundred poor people on a daily basis. He further added that all treatment and medicine will be provided free of cost.

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Furthermore, according to the CEO, within two months, one more new unit of Container Clinic will also be established in a remote area of Badin i.e. “Shadi Large” town. Other units are also soon to be deployed in other parts of Badin and Tharparkar.

Dr. Aamir Javed Khan, Executive Director, Global Health Directorate – Indus Health Network while commenting on the positive developments in the medical arena of Pakistan, said:

“The container based facility is a solution to address the health needs of shifting and migrating populations. The facility can be dismantled and reassembled, and also has the potential for extension and expansion considering the overgrowing healthcare needs of the population. Solutions like these are especially important in rural districts and their surrounding areas where long distances to health facilities limit people’s access to care, causing individuals to forgo basic healthcare needs.”

The inauguration of the container clinic also saw to an ambulance service being initiated along with the first drone services that is to provide deprived people medicine at their door steps encompassing about four kilo meters around the clinic.

Image source: Indus Hospital