CIO Table Talks Karachi Takes On The Pharmaceutical Industry

RapidCompute, partnering with CIO Pakistan for the CIO Table Talk Verticals series, hosted a session in Karachi last week, where the pharmaceutical industry was invited to share insights of their industry and discuss the basic technology needs, Cloud Computing and technology roadmap for this vertical.

Vertical in focus for Karachi was Pharmaceutical with participants from Sanofi Aventis, Bayer Pakistan, Abbott Laboratories, Geofman Pharmaceuticals, Nabi Qasim Industries, Aman Foundation etc.

Zaeem Arshad, Division Head of RapidCompute kickstarted the discussion by stating their viewpoint on the need for this dialogue and its importance in order to understand the industry.

“The reason we have partnered with IDG is that we wanted to meet different people working in the industry and increase awareness about this segment of the market. We wanted to understand what challenges different services have and what kind of services are they expecting in this space and what are the short term challenges that the companies like us can help with.”

Some of the concerns raised by the IT heads in the pharmaceutical industry were that there are times when the IT industry is not able to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and the gadgets and technology that is already available is very expensive.

Imran Khan, Commercial Head at RapidCompute responded by saying:

“Even government has the same problem as the pharmaceutical companies about the products being way out their budgets. Long gone are the days when the government has licenses from IBM, Microsoft worth millions of rupees, now they have local in-house developers. Coming to security and vendor efficacy, you all must be aware about all the regulations passed by State Bank of Pakistan those are quite good in terms of data policy and data monitoring. These days one cannot easily get a license without going through certain processes.”

Photographs from the event can be found on the IDG Enterprise Facebook Page