Chinese Technology Transfer Center @ NUST


Chinese International Technology Transfer Center (CITTC) was established by the Chinese Ministry of Science to facilitate and assist in the transfer of technology between China and the rest of the world. CITTC and National University of Science and Technology (NUST) are coming together in order to establish a technology transfer center for Pakistan.

The MoU was signed by NUST and CITTC officials in Beijing and according to the agreement a China Pakistan Technology Transfer Center will be established in NUST. The center will offer matchmaking events, training, seminars, conferences, and incubation for start-ups, concrete project collaboration etc to different tech companies that are looking to enter the Chinese market.

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Furthermore, the China Pakistan Technology Transfer Center will also provides a B2B online system that will connect potential partners with thousands of Chinese companies who have logged requests in the system, facilitating people from all around the world to find Chinese licensee, buyer, investor, distributor or joint research partner.

The CPTTC will work as a local branch of CITTC that will increase cooperation between China and Pakistan in the information technology sector.