China Telecommunications Corp To Setup Cross Border Telecom Infrastructure

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is bound to bring in more collaboration between the two countries in terms of not only trade but also technology and businesses. According to a local newspaper, China Telecommunications Corp is all set to set up resources to complete cross-border telecom infrastructure initiatives including the China-Pakistan information corridor, the China-Laos-Thailand and the China-Bangladesh-Myanmar-India projects.

The company is to invest over $1Billion over the best 3-5 years to expand their economic presence along the Belt and Road Initiative including Pakistan.  China Telecom has more than 4,700 overseas employees, with branches and offices in 30 countries and regions.

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In a statement CEO Deng Xiaofeng China Global Telecom Ltd according to them said,

“Cross-border telecommunication infrastructure is one of the first steps for international cooperation. Our experience in deploying one of the world’s largest information networks in China can help narrow the digital gap.”

According to him, this is to raise more money from state-owned financing institutions and private investors, in a move to build land cables, internet data centers and other infrastructure in Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.

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Without disclosing any further details about the project, Deng said that they have not excluded the possibility of investing in foreign telecom carriers to help other developing countries accelerate the development of 4G.