Online Car Price Valuator CarFirst Initiates Vehicle Exchange Program

Press Release: CarFirst, an online platform for buying and selling used cars, and platform for car price valuations online, has introduced Vehicle Exchange Programme. Under this new initiative, CarFirst is looking to facilitate its customers and strategic partners by allowing car sellers the option to upgrade their used vehicles.

CarFirst will facilitate sellers by offering them access to pre-inspected stock of its strategic partners’ nationwide inventories. If a seller wishes to exchange their current car for an available vehicle, they can simply pay the difference. Vehicles may be purchased by payment in cash or through financing plans of CarFirst partner banks like JS Bank and BoP.

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CarFirst has announced that this programme has been rolled out on public demand. A whopping 87% of CarFirst’s customers have requested vehicle exchange services in the past so they can purchase a better car while selling their old one to CarFirst.

Initially, these customers were referred to CarFirst’s accredited car dealerships, but now this programme will make the process seamless and time efficient for the customers while facilitating CarFirst’s strategic partners at the same time.