Twitter Wars Lead to Customer Wins: Careem & Pepsi Put An End to Feud


The Careem Pepsi social media brand war served as an entertainment for the people, however it seems that the brand war has come to an end with as both the companies decided to give Pakistanis an ultimate win.

Pepsi announced that as a truce, it will give out 1 million Careem promos, and the Careem also called it truce by saying they will double the promos.

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But what went down? Basically it all started with a loyal customer asking Careem for a promo and the ride hailing company cheekily replied: Whoops. Sorry, we don’t have promos at the moment. Phone nahi to muft ki Pepsi chalay gi?

However Pepsi did not find the reply to funny and ultimately threatened to serve Careem with a lawsuit. The ultimate back and forth by the two companies on Twitter became a field for the people. Although, the feud was quickly put to an end by Careem’s Marketing Director Omar Abedin and Head of Marketing Pepsi Saad Khan when they came up with the idea that Pepsi will be giving out Careem Promos.