Bykea Takes The Lead on Travel & Local Application


Commuting from one point to another in Pakistan has always been a hassle for citizens as they are forced to deal with inflated prices and problems caused by certain drivers if they don’t own have means of transportation for themselves. This has resulted in the rise of ride-and-hail services as companies such as Careem and Uber have taken the country by storm and made transportation easier.

However, a large majority of individuals consider these services as over-priced and not worth its demand which has resulted in them opting for other services. One such service is undoubtedly Bykea which has seemed to solved all the contemporize problems for an average Pakistani as it is soaring with popularity and great reviews.

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Bykea is a ride hailing service that exclusively relying on motorcycles. The startup currently offers users in Karachi a convenient pick and drop service similar to on demand ride hailing services like Uber and Careem. It is an all in one app for transportation, food, delivery and payment services. Their marketplace of services and listings aim to help move people, parcels and payments efficiently, saving time and money.

As the number of people who have started using Bykea has increased, the company has started to see unprecedented growth for a local service. It has recently been reported that the company has received over a million installations on their official app on both iOS ans Android. Furthermore, the service has now become the #1 Travel and Local Application in the country.

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Speaking to IDG Pakistan on the milestone of reaching 1 million downloads, CEO Bykea Muneeb Mayr said,

A million users is meaningful only if a million think of using you once a day or once a week. If hopping on the back of a bike is not relevant for you, then maybe you can save someone in your household time and money by using a Bykea. If you do not need a lunch box subscription, maybe someone at your workplace does. If you have the time to go fetch products from your local mart, great, else use Bykea. We need to now build enough utility for our users to use our network of services frequently, as individuals, or small businesses. No one delivers faster than Bykea in a city and we want to work with SMEs to enable deliveries and payments more fluidly for them than any of their current solutions.”

With standardized rates for taxi and rickshaws now out of the window, services such as Bykea become a great value for money. With low fuel consumption and cheap rates, it also provides parcel delivery space which can be extremely useful in a busy city like Karachi. Although with lacking in safety and maintenance are at question, the service is an excellent option for users looking for cheap and fast rides.