BroadBand Jumps. Literally. PTA Reports Upward Trend in Users



The Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) announced that the number of 3rd generation (3G) and 4th generation (4G) mobile broadband services users have rapidly inclined to 38.269 million by the end of January from 37.574 million in December. All mobile phone operators that provided broadband services added 0.695 million subscribers to their network from December to January. The latest statistics issued by PTA showed that the total number of subscribers to Mobilink after it merged with Warid reached 51.534 million by January 2017. In December Mobilink had 41.253 million subscribers while Warid had 10.27 million subscribers even Zong and Telenor subscribers inclined from 26.929 million and 39.453 million in December to 39.586 million and 27.496 million in January. Ufone subscribers decreased from 18.581 million to 18.478 million. Warid LTE had 637,363 subscribers by the end of December 2016. Clearly Zong outplayed all other operators by selling 4G simcards through its mobile broadband devices