Pakistan Reaches 48 Million Broadband Subscribers

Broadband Subscribers Reach 48 million in Pakistan 

According to the latest figures released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), broadband users in Pakistan have crossed the 48.13 million mark. The figures are updated till September 2017, and include both; 3G and 4G services.

Total broadband tele-density has reached 22.6% whereas teledensity for mobile broadband is now at 21.6%. Up till August 2017, the total mobile phone subscribers in the country have reached 141 million with 70.25% tele-density.

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The number of broadband subscribers in other technologies included DSL 15,53,062, HFC 51,226, Wimax 1,55,747, FTTH 52,749, EvDO 5,68,368 and other 9,264 subscribers.

Telecom industry experts account this shift to the portable mobile broadband devices such as the MiFi and Wingles. These are accorded as one of the main reasons of the widespread growth in 3G/4G subscribers.

According to the figures released by PTA, Jazz overtakes the 3G/4G market. Up to August 2017, Jazz subscribers had reached 13.7 million for 3G and 1.35 million for 4G.

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Image source: PTA 

The figures are updated till September 2017, and include both; 3G and 4G services.

Per the same report, 3G subscribers of Zong are now at 8.91 million and 4.7 4G users until the end of September 2017.The number of Telenor 3G subscribers was 10.71 million and 9,96,004 4G users till the period mentioned above.

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An increase has also been observed in Ufone subscribers base, reaching 5.5 million 3G users by September 2017 from 5.3 million till August this year.

This is definitely a great time for Pakistani companies and especially the startups. With this outreach via broadband, there are unprecedented opportunities that lie for this country!

Source: APP