British Council Pakistan To Celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Women, if they set their minds to anything can achieve everything they aim for provided they are given the same opportunities and resources as the next person. One of the least under represented spaces with regard to women in Pakistan is science.

Traditionally, it is seen that girls often do not opt for STEM in general due to multiple reasons such as society expectations etc. However, that is slowly changing as STEM is seeing women make strides in it and various organizations are working to bring more women representation in to it by encouraging school going girls to participate in various activities.

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Therefore, committed to improving enrolment of girls in science subjects in education: from primary to tertiary education and beyond, British Council Pakistan is organizing an event here in Islamabad.

United Nations marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science as 11th February, and to celebrate this day and the contribution that Pakistani women have made in the field of STEM, British Council Pakistan is organizing an event on 13th February, 2018 at WECREATE Centre Islamabad. The event is themed STEMinists of Pakistan: Celebrating Women and Girls in Science and will be held from 10am to 12pm.

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Some of the highlights include the participation of Formula1 Engineer Saniya Saadullah along with various other amazing women in STEM. Details on the agenda for the event include: Current collaborative initiatives between the UK and Pakistan around women and girls in STEM; Discuss the current barriers facing increased take-up of STEM subjects by women and girls; Raise the profile of inspirational voices in the STEM space; Explore career pathways that are open to women; and showcase the British Council’s latest research into Women and Girls Participation in STEM. 

The session is expected to a power packed one and full of inspirational stories. So hurry up and register now!