Innovating the Mundane: Bread-Slicing and Toasting

Are you getting late for work? Or just too lazy this morning to toast your bread?

Here we have a solution to your problem that will make your breakfast routine a more efficient one: Invention-mad Britisher, Colin Furze, has finally brought forward a slicer that cuts and toasts bread at the same time, reports CNET.

Isn’t that just great? Get up that crucial five minutes late in the morning, switch on the heat-able knife, cut the toasted bread and serve! Not only that, it can also help you spread frozen butter evenly on the slice.

Colin Furze is a plumber/inventor/stuntman who invents handmade gadgets and demonstrates them on his YouTube channel. This time, the knife which he calls the “FurzoToasto” was made on one of his fan’s request. FurzoToasto is made using a microwave transformer that delivers current through a cable and into a pipe that is attached to the blade of the breadknife and heats it.

Here is the link for video tutorial of the FurzoToasto.

The invention must however, be handled with great care because if mis-handled can cause injury to the user.

My take on the invention would be, it can be modified and made into a more storable size as it’s not something that can fit into your kitchen drawer or cupboard. Furze can also add temperature adjustments in the machine because the toasts shown in the video are nearly burnt; it may be a personal taste, but not everybody likes their bread over-toasted.

Be that as it may, the FurzoToasto, while not the world’s best and most perfect knife-toaster yet, certainly is a great idea that could be put into production. Guaranteed for success from our end!