BnW Collections: A Shopping Paradise for Photographers


BnW Collections is Pakistani owned Karachi based company operating since 2010 that specializes in continuous and flash studio lighting, backdrops, product photography tents and tables, and a wide variety of other photographic accessories.

Themed Buy Wisely, Capture Professionally, they are constantly providing customers with the right information and recommend which equipment is better suited to their needs. I guess it helps to have actual photographers running the show here since they know quick hacks, tech fixes and the best recommendations for the buyers.

The process of order placements is fairly simple with a variety of payment options available including Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, ATM Transfer or Walk in Bank Cash/Cheque Deposits, through credit card or mobile payment via EasyPay or via Keenu Connect.

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The website and social media reviews have great reviews on the products and customer dealing by the founder, Muhammad Waqas. Currently, the store also has a mobile application available on the Apple Store and Play Store for convenience shopping!

BnW also offers a reward point system for their customers, as they are always looking for new ideas and ways to build and strengthen relationships with new and existing customers. They have recently started their BNW Collections reward program, it enables you to earn reward points with every purchase made on the BNW Collections website; You don’t have to wait a certain period of time to redeem points and you can start redeeming your points straight away.

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Earning points is very easy, all one has to do is purchase a qualifying product on the website and each qualifying product has their reward points mentioned on them. Every BnW Collections rewards point is equivalent to Rs.1.00, and you can use up to Rs. 1000 at each purchase. There’s also a price beat policy feature on the website where they claim to match or beat the price, if you happen to find anything they are offering at a cheaper price elsewhere. This feature has been a hit with e-commerce veteran and we’re hoping features like these will leave a positive mark in the online shopping scene locally.

Considering the number of e-commerce companies that have popped up in Pakistan, this seems to have caught our eye for two reasons mainly; the specialized area of work actually run by field experts and the second is the rewards system. One has to admit that feeling of getting paid for shopping is the best thing for a shopper!