Blockchain Expert Solutions – Changing the Landscape of Blockchain in Pakistan


One of the fastest growing technologies right now out there is blockchain and is engulfing the entire business domain. Rightly so, for it has capability to change the way businesses, banks, and the governments run. One of the main reasons organizations are switching over to this because blockchain makes record keeping easy and the processes secure.

With regards to Pakistan, blockchain seems to be at much more nascent stage as compared to the other countries. However there are a few organizations such as the Blockchain Expert Solutions (BES), a Lahore based startup that has gathered the attention of many national and multinational companies in a matter of a few months, is hoping to pave the way forward for the adoption of blockchain-based solutions in the country.

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Completely dedicated to blockchain services the Blockchain Expert Solutions is powered by Miranz Technologies. BES offers services for blockchain custom software, ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings), whitepaper, blockchain research, financial modeling, business analysis, token design, wallet development, smart contacts and more for both international and local clients.

A few of the accolades for the startup include their partnership with International Blockchain Consulting. IBC is the world’s leading team in the domain of blockchain that works on the same services as BES.

Speaking to a local blog, the CEO of the company said

“The Company aims to create a hub to connect all the blockchain related services and wants to attract foreign firms and clients to Pakistan.”

Blockchain Expert Solutions have already served clients in various countries across the globe such as US, UK, Dubai, Vietnam, Switzerland etc. They are also to soon launch a mega project with a bank in Kuwait; the details of the project are, however, yet to be announced.