Block All Social Media If Need Be – THC to Authorities


Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan was informed by the Islamabad High Court (IHC) yesterday to abort Access to all blasphemous content on Social Media even if that means blocking access to al social Media platforms. This order was issued by Justice Shaukat Ali Siddiqui, he called the interior minister to court in person and told him to take attentive measure to eliminate this evil, even if it meant blocking prominent social media platforms. Justice Siddiqui wiped tears from his eyes as he noted, “It is shameful that delicate and sensitive matters remained unattended by the executive of the country. He compared blasphemers to “terrorists”, justifying the comparison by asking what else could be worse than such acts.”

The inspector general of the Islamabad police assured the judge immediate action will be taken against such cases.On Feb 27, the court had ordered authorities to block “blasphemous pages” on social media and directed some key government officials to submit replies within a week and appear in person before the court in the next hearing.

PetitionerSalman Shahid through his council Tariq Asad alleged that five bloggers, including Salman Haider, Ahmed Waqas Goraya, Asim Saeed, Ahmed Raza Naseer and Samar Abbas, created pages like Bhainsa, Mochi, and Roshni to commit blasphemy through these pages. The petitioner also approached the FIRs and requested them to file FIRs against these bloggers.