Billions! Not the Show… Daily Life in Youtube Hours


Youtube has announced that a billion hours of online videos are watched everyday by users, stating that this was a huge milestone for the Google-owned online viewing website. Cristos Goodrow, Youtube’s vice president of engineering said, that it would take one 100 000 years to sit and watch one billion videos, to emphasize the magnitude of this achievement. Websites like Google, Facebook and Twitter are being used to consume online videos and cuts from television are being invested on online videos. Google owned you tube has featured live streaming of videos for the past six years, including streaming the US presidential debate. Also in early February 2016, Youtube let online video personalities broadcast live while on the go. The mobile applications provided by both Facebook and twitter have been providing such features as of late. Google parent Alphabet reported in January that profit growth, during the last three months of last year, was in mobile search and video sharing services like Youtube.