Social Innovation Lab’s Deep Dive Into Pakistan’s Startup Ecosystem

Social Innovation Lab’s Deep Dive Into Pakistan’s Startup Ecosystem: Beyond The Buzz

Beyond the Buzz is an endeavor by the Social Innovation Lab (SIL); a deep dive into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan where according to Maryam Mohiuddin, Director SIL they have surveyed about 202 startups, 22 incubators and accelerators, 7 investors and over 443 experts on the industry all over Pakistan.

Speaking to IDG Pakistan on the details and what to expect from the report, Maryam adds,

We have covered 16 cities, all provinces including Gilgit Baltitsan and FATA, so we have you covered! The industry insights in this report will blow your mind. Some key areas covered in the report include hot sectors for investment, a look at what the incubators and accelerators are and will be doing, whether the startups are meeting their expected guidelines. All of this is and a lot more is at Beyond The Buzz!

The official statistics of Beyond The Buzz are that they reached out to 1500 startups, 40 incubators and accelerators, 15 investment groups, 50 experts, and have a total count of 202 startups, 22 incubators/accelerators and 7 investment groups.

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The placements include:

  • Karachi: 42 startups, 3 incubators, 1 investment group;
  • Matiari: 1 startup;
  • Sukkur: 1 startup, 1 incubator;
  • Quetta: 8 startups, 1 incubator;
  • Lahore: 85 startups, 7 incubators, 3 investment groups;
  • Sargodha: 1 startup;
  • Gujranwala: 1 startup;
  • Sialkot: 2 startups;
  • Rawalpindi: 1 startup;
  • Peshawar: 4 startups, 1 incubators, 1 investment group;
  • Islamabad: 39 startups, 6 incubators, 2 investment groups;
  • Topi-Swabi: 4 startups ,1 incubators;
  • Abbottabad: 9 startups ,1 incubators;
  • Skardu: 1 startup;
  • Gilgit: 2 startups,1 incubator

Stay tuned on the announcement date and our overview of what is going to be the first-of-its-kind report, covering all aspects of the local startup ecosystem.