Automation Arrives at Restaurants: Khawo! is Digitizing Dining

If there’s one thing that’s always going to remain in business, it’s the restaurant business or the food industry at large. In Pakistan as well, it is one of the fastest growing sectors with new innovations in sight on a daily basis when it comes to cuisines, experiences, deals and the food itself! Apparently, one element that was still not well integrated was technology, but local restaurants have taken note and are going digital to give their customers the ultimate dining experience.

Restaurants are gearing up to utilize digital platforms for internal order placements, a move that will reduce time of orders while accommodating more customers.

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Now customers can make use of the QR codes pasted on the table to place an order instead of waiting for a server to come up and take your order. This service is available in Charcoal Tea at Tariq Road. The application Khawo!, the app is extremely easy to use as the customer would only have to scan the aforementioned code on the android based app. Upon a click the app would pop up the main menu with food categories like starters and main course, among other things.

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Farukh Hanif, Co-founder of Khawo! Speaking to the local newspaper said:

The app will remove the unnecessary wait between food items and customers. Sometimes, restaurants are short of order-taking and delivery staffers, especially during the peak lunch hours at restaurants near and around offices.

The app is currently in its testing phase and a restaurant called Fibbi is to soon launch it as well. According to Hanif, Karachi has over 2000 restaurants, cafes and dhabbas so they plan on tapping the potential here first before moving on to Lahore and Islamabad.