ARRI Launches the 4K Version Of Their Alexa Series



ARRI is one of the world’s leading camera manufacturers in the world. The German based company deal with all forms of equipment related to digital cameras which also includes its design and distribution. For a couple of years, ARRI has proudly launched their Alexa sub-brand. The Alexa was a 2.8K camera which boasted on the high quality of the camera through its high color contrast and build quality with a relatively lower resolution. After much demand from their users, ARRI have finally decided to release the 4K version of Alexa.

ARRI’s newest camera, the Alexa LF, is a camera that is specifically designed for the lower end of the spectrum s their previous models were designed for high-end commercial use while the LF stands for Large Format. As ARRI received criticism from a large group of individuals for not upgrading their 2.8K camera to the 4K one-although they had updated it to the 6K one before- their users were clamoring for the 4K version of the camera for quite some time.

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ARRI Launches the 4K Version Of Their Alexa Series

The layout of the Alexa LF is made around the design of the ALEV III sensor which was last seen when the Alexa 65 was released. However, the change in design is that it offers two ALEV III sensors which can be turned on the side in an A2X pattern. The Alexa LF enhances the color accuracy and aesthetics of a normal picture due to the newly added 4K display with an added touch. An added LPL lens mount will allow for more options as the design of the lens allows for the camera to cover the large sensor.

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As the new mount covers 44mm, it also includes an LPL-to-PL adapter. This is to ensure the particular nature of how ARRI operates as they launch a wide set of additional products that will perfectly compliment their cameras and work with their new mount and sensor to ensure they are well integrated. These new features are fundamentally designed for users to can shoot in a large-format while maintaining the integrity of the tone and color via Alexa’s sensors. This camera acts as an optimal model for the impending need in the industry for smaller and smarter products and ARRI once again have delivered an impeccable model. The body of the camera will be available in March will the lenses will go up till June.

Technical Specifications of the ARRI Alexa LF

  • 7 x 25.54mm maximum sensor size
  • 4448×3096 maximum capture resolution
  • 150fps possible in 2.39×1 4448×1856 ARRI Raw
  • ALEV IIII Sensor
  • A2X layout
  • Brand new LPL lens mount
  • Ships with LPL to PL adapter
  • 44mm flange focal distance
  • 12mm wider and longer than standard Alexa



Source: DP Review & No Film School