Arbisoft Scholarship Program Offers 100 Nano Degrees on Udacity


Arbisoft is an award-winning, and one of the fastest growing technology companies in the MENA region spanning across four countries, with a Sales & Marketing office in McKinney (Texas, USA) and a custom-built 30000 sq. feet engineering services campus in Lahore. One of the missions of Arbisoft is to bring prosperity to the Youth of Pakistan; the Arbisoft Scholarship Program is fully funding 100 deserving students from across Pakistan to complete Nano degrees from Udacity.

Udacity is a platform whose mission is to democratize education through the offering of world-class higher education opportunities that are accessible, flexible, and economical. Basically anyone with a commitment to self empowerment and an internet connection can come to Udacity to master a suite of job-ready skills, and pursue rewarding employment.

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A Nanodegree program is basically an innovative curriculum path that is outcome-based and career-oriented. Where every program has a clear end-goal, and the ideal path to get you there; courses are built with industry leaders like Google, AT&T, and Facebook, and are taught by leading subject matter experts.

Through this students can benefit from personalized mentoring and project-review throughout, and have regular access to instructors and course managers through moderated forums. Graduates earn an industry-recognized credential and benefit from extensive career support.

In their public announcement for the offering, Arbisoft stays true to its commitment, while saying:

If you’re willing to learn programming skills like the pros, we’re willing to pay for your studies on Udacity.

The Arbisoft Scholarship Fund is covering the following nano degrees: Full stack web developer, Front end web developer, Data Analyst, Intro to programming, React and Android Developer. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is 20th January 2018, so apply now!


Image source: Arbisoft