Announcing the Installation of Biometric Systems; KDA/KMC Offices

Karachi Mayor WaseemAkhtarhas announced the introduction of biometric verification system at Karachi Municipal Corporation and the Karachi Development Authority to register the attendance of employees.

KMC and KDA have 16,796 and 4,334 regular employees respectively; the biometric devices are to be installed to collect the data of their employees. The machines are to be set up by March in 4 departments and 38 different offices of the KMC.

The machines are to be acquired through open tenders to maintain transparency in the offices. After the installation of the machines the salaries are also to streamlined accordingly.

Adding to this, he said:

The new system will bring betterment in efficiency and timely arrival of employees, providing relief to visitors and needy people, especially patients at KMC hospitals and clinics in the city.”

These machines are to help identify attendance of employees appointed on political grounds at different offices and hospitals. Which KMC and KDA employees are working for other departments. Even, employees who are found involved in criminal activities and are taking salaries and allowances. Under the service rules of both the entities, no employee is entitled to get salary or allowance without attending office.


By: Mahnoor Shah