Alachisoft Invests in Workforce In Time of Corona

Most businesses that are able to stay afloat today, in the middle of a pandemic, are those that are technology-centered. While most of the news is reporting businesses laying off staff and struggling to keep up with the socio-economic impact that Covid19 has had, it’s a relief to see that technology companies are growing manifold, increasing their human capacity at this time.

In light of the same, Alachisoft has also announced its recruitment and training of their current workforce, instead of downsizing. The shift in hiring for the company seems to focus on utilizing the full package of a candidate’s skills and encouraging training and learning in more than one area of business.

The multitude of roles it offers range from software development, sales, QA, technical solutions, customer support, marketing and business operations. Valuing skills that can overlap across different areas, Alachisoft is focusing on detail oriented learning and capacity building of their workforce. Candidates can choose more than one job role as well as gain hands-on experience in more than one business domain.

Employees currently working in technical roles have the opportunity to master skills on customer support roles, whereas analysts with business experience can get trained transitioned in digital marketing roles.

Source: Technology Times