Abacus Wired: Webinar On APIs by Abacus, JS Bank and Apigee


One of the biggest success of any application software is the efficient use of an API when making that software. In terms of computer programming, an Application Programming Interface or API is a set of routine protocols and tools that are used for the building of a successful software. In this day and age, the use of API is at an all time high as these very software’s are used in multiple sectors as well. Realizing the need for APIs in this era, Abacus Consulting in association with its partner, Google Apigee, is conducting a live webinar emphasizing the importance of APIs called ‘APIs: the Enabler of Today’s Digital Economy’.

This live webinar is set to take place on the 22nd of March 2018 where Apigee will be the digital partners for the event. As most of the key businesses in the world have transformed all of their businesses into a more digital platform and interface, the need for a strong API is imperative to ensure its success in the long haul. Companies are using this medium to look for newer and more innovative ways in which they can cut costs and improve their work efficiency at the same time. In hindsight, this works towards transforming the digital economy as a whole which works to redefine certain norms in the business on a global scale.

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With the introduction of technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things, there is a new realm of possibilities for the digital economy. As they have brought forward newer solutions, companies that have adopted for this method have gotten an edge over other companies in terms of their security and functionality.

As companies have already leaned towards the digital transformation, API’s can power this change and improve the business as a whole. According to Abacus Consultancy,

“API-driven platforms are enabling businesses to uberize, empowering them to accelerate the pace of innovation, exceeding at their core capabilities and co-creating value by teaming up with external partners.”

This webinar series called Abacus Wired will bring forth business forth noteworthy leaders in business who will share their view on the digital economy and the role and functioning of APIs in brining innovation in industries.

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The speakers include:

  • Nigel Walters – Customer Engineer at Apigee
  • Shoaib Khan – VP of Digital Transformation Solutions for AbacusConsulting
  • Omer Salimullah – Head of Open Banking and Ecosystem Development at JS Bank

JS Bank was one of the first banks to have opened up its APIs and the first ones to locally sign a deal with Abacus Consulting and Google Apigee.

The webinar will be highlighting the importance of digital economy for the future and is ideal for Digital Officers and Marketing Managers who will gain more insight in this cause. One can register for the event using this link.


Image source: Abacus