Digital Transformation Roundtable – ‘Unlocking the Future of Banking’ by Abacus Consulting


Abacus Digital is a consultancy firm which aims to offer innovative digital services to help organizations accelerate the pace of digital business and disruption with APIs, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Apps.

Abacus Consulting hosted an executive roundtable earlier this past week, themed “Digital Transformation– Unlocking the Future of Banking” targeting the financial services industry, held in collaboration with Google Apigee. .

The event focused on discussing the challenges that financial institutions face in the world and the opportunities that they can avail through digitization.

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Abbas Khan, the Managing Director of Abacus Consulting kicked off the event, highlighting the journey of digital transformation in the banking sector. Various speakers at the event took the lead on this, sharing long-terms benefits of revamping the banking sector to a more digital interface.

Rehan Akhtar, Director of Digital Services at Karandaaz Pakistan, highlighted the importance of financial inclusion in the country and how APIs can contribute to bank the unbanked in an efficient manner.

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Moreover, Omer Salimullah, Head of Open Banking and Ecosystem Development at JS Bank, added on to the discussion to mention the changing dynamics in the digital and financial space and how it has impacted the daily functioning of JS Bank.

The event agenda was to focus primarily on thechanging landscape of the banking sector from product vs. product to ecosystem vs. ecosystem. In attendance at the event were top C-level executives from some of the major banks in Pakistan.