Abacus Consulting & SAP Implement Campus Management Solution System at RIS

Abacus Consulting has been providing cutting-edge business solutions which enable organizations transform their aspiring visions into realities for over half a century now. Recently, Abacus Consulting has successfully managed to implement SAP Business One along with Campus Management Solution (CMS) at Roots International Schools (RIS).

The Roots International Schools founded in 1988 is one of the leading names in introducing modern approach in academia and has gained global recognition for their efforts in the field of education.

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The institute focuses on nurturing the individual holistically by implanting in them, a balanced approach towards life. Roots International Schools has campuses in various cities all over Pakistan.

The Campus Management Solution has been completely developed by Abacus Consulting and SAP Business One, and it is to help Roots to easily create and manage sophisticated data across multiple departments, faculties, staff and students.

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According to Abacus Consulting, the CMS is to ensure complete automation of all operations allowing the management to access manage and analyze data and processes for quick and well-informed decision making. Abacus is committed to its mission of transforming organizations digitally so that they can achieve extraordinary results and be at the forefront of technological innovation.