Customer Wins: A Look at Careem’s Eid Specials!


This Bakra Eid, Careem launched two new services to not only help their customers, but also allow the customers to be a part of a noble cause. Careem launched Bakra on Wheels, which made it easier for customers to buy sacrificial goats as this service brought an assortment of goats right to the customer’s doorsteps. The process was simple, just book a ride by the name of bakra on wheels and an assortment of goats would be brought to the current location of the customer. The prices were fixed and the customer had to pay the vendor directly in cash. Buyers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad could avail this service and buy the goats for a fixed price of Rs. 25,000, Rs. 27,000 and Rs. 30,000, respectively. The service was only available till the 27th of August from 10am-10pm with limited slots.

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This was done in collaboration with “ ‘Goats for Water’, an organization that builds solar water pumps and lighting systems for people belonging to rural areas in return for their livestock” according to an article on Tribune.

The second service that Careem provided which was for a good cause was in partnership with Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. Shaukat Khanum would send cars to the houses of those Careem customers who willingly want to donate animal skins and hides to the hospital in the form of charity.

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The process for this is easy as all the customer had to do was book a car type as SKMCH for instant or pre booking. The car would come and collect the hides and the skin for all three days of Eid. It was available in Karachi and some areas in Lahore could avail instant booking. The objective was to make it easier to donate skins and hide and to respectable and known institutions.

While Careem is only a app-based ride hailing service, it has always set the trend locally and internationally for their timely services and well planned campaigns. Using their expertise to bring convenience to people is what technology is all about, and Careem is certainly one to make the most of it!

Image source: Careem