2nd Canada-Pakistan ICT Forum 2018

The 2nd Canada-Pakistan ICT Forum 2018 is all set to take place on the 24th of September to the 27th of September 2018 in Toronto. The program is supported by Pakistan High Commission in Canada, Canadian Parliament & Senate members and OPEN Toronto.

The forum aims to explore business opportunities and potential collaborations with members of the Canadian and Pakistani ICT and startup ecosystems that include Pakistani IT giants in eCommerce, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence and Game Development.

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Furthermore, the event is set to bring together a vibrant panel of speakers and experts from Canada and Pakistan such as:

  1. Daniel Silverman, Executive Vice President, Investment Attraction
  2. Dean Hopkins, Chief Growth Officer, OneEleven
  3. Edwin Frondozo, Product Marketing Engineer, Customer-first
  4. Melloney Campbell, Certified Project Management Professional and Strategic OmniChannel Marketing Executive
  5. Jodi Kovitz, CEO and Founder #MovetheDial
  6. Rizwan Tufail, Head of Leadership Programs, Mozilla Foundation and Charter Member, OPEN Toronto
  7. Dr Aijaz Qureshi, IT Professional, PhD in Computers & Information Systems
  8. Ria Lupton, Head of Marketing, GrowthGenius
  9. Ammara Shirazi, Senior Consultant, Purpose Capital and Social Innovation Lab
  10. Nabeel Shakeel Ahmed, Network Coordinator, Social Enterprise

Image source: OPEN Toronto