11 Year Motivational Speaker Making Headlines In Peshawar


It may be the season for speeches and campaigning all around, but inspiring people everywhere with his achievements and motivational speeches is the 11 year old Hammad Safi. Due to his infectious smile and enthusiasm he draws in a large crowd and is also an internet sensation.

With his wireless microphone, hand gestures and unwavering confidence, he grabs the attention of the crowd at the University of Spoken English (USECS) in Peshawar; where hundreds of students sit in total awe, as helectures them on the merits of bettering their diction by watching Barack Obama speeches on YouTube.

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The little man is also a YouTube star with around 145,000 subscribers with some of his videos crossing over a million views! Although his points may be a repetitive or even overused his audience still loves listening to him. The local newspaper Dawn reports that according to Bilal Khan a political science student who is twice the age, that the 11 year old has a profound effect on his audience!

He has even garnered praises online, what seems to enhance his popularity is his young age and precociousness.

Hammad Safi initially studied at a traditional school and took English classes at USECS, where he was quickly noticed for his self-confidence,, according to  Director Ammer Sohail. He then left his school to attend USECS full-time to continue his English studies and embark on his motivational career.

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The director also stated that Hammad’s role is to encourage the poorer students,

to give them hope, so that they break their glass ceiling” in a country with glaring education inequality, and where more than 40 per cent of the population is illiterate, according to UN data.”

Portraits of Allama Iqbal, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein adorn the walls of Hammad’s room as he considers them to be his ideals.

Although there are some concerns about him experiencing childhood as correctly voiced by Bakht Zaman, a professor at Peshawar University, who attended his lecture once. It is to be seen where this young individual goes in the next 20 years.