10xC Is Accepting Applications for Its Next Batch of Startups

Startups are hard and require a lot of hard work. Startups are not easy, period.

The ups and downs can be daunting.

In a startup, things seem great one moment and then the next moment, everything seems hopeless. Next could even mean a couple of hours later.

One day you think you will be the next Facebook and the next you’d be pondering how to let everyone know of your utter failure. Hard part is obviously the lows.

10xC hopes to provide you with the right platform to navigate through this roller coaster ride.

10xC is a tech accelerator and seed venture aiming to create a technology ecosystem, which is self-sustaining and solves bottlenecks in the current ecosystem. Being a team of entrepreneurs themselves, 10xC provide startups with the resources they need to succeed – from infrastructural support you need to validate your idea – to capital investment you need to grow.

With real stake in your company, 10xC works with co-founders like you and make sure you get whatever you need from office space to hands-on mentoring by successful entrepreneurs and access to our network.

Be it help in software development or getting your first client on board, 10xC will help you. Not aware of marketing techniques? They will help you.

Pakistan, being a developing country, has unthinkable opportunities for startups to address using technology and 10xC partners with people who have the potential to convert these opportunities into commercial businesses. 10xC’s first cohort, comprising of 8 startups, is graduating in December 2016 and they are accepting applications for its second cohort until the end of the year.

If you have a ground breaking idea, have a resilient and determined team, and have a long term plan and execution strategy, you can register with 10cC today.

10xC is looking for tech ideas as well as tech startups that are in their initial phases. Following is what 10xC offers:

  • 4 months rigorous incubation program
  • 1 million PKR in seed fund
  • Office space, internet and other required facilities
  • Access to mentors and business network
  • Easy access to 10xC founding team and their personal/professional network

In return for all of this 10xC takes 20% dilutable equity in your company. If after 4 months of incubation, you show enough progress, they consider you for another round of investment of 100k USD and after that you get a chance of becoming a PlanetN group company if you show enough traction, revenue and IP strength.

What 10xC is Looking for


  • A sound idea that solves a problem in the local market
  • The idea is scalable and can potentially target a global market


  • An awesome team that believes in the idea and has the potential to get if off the ground
  • We look for entrepreneurs between the ages of 16-35
  • 2 co-founders at least, with one having technical background